I am also still doing journalism to keep my hand in. It would be a shame not to keep writing on subjects and issues that interest me and that I covered as a working correspondent: education, Europe, politics, history, religion and royalty. And, of course, I am available for commissions...

Here are a few links to articles I have been proud of in recent times:

Here's an article about a favourite book - The Pickwick Papers - that I wrote for the Guardian's summer series in August 2014:

My trip to Canada and the US with Prince William and Duchess Kate in 2011:

One member of the royal family still going strong at 90: this profile of Prince Philip made the Bedside Guardian anthology the year before I edited it, in 2011:

A little spot of London history:

Bodies of Australian and British soldiers reburied in first war cemetery on western front for 80 years

The 200th anniversary of Pentrich Revolution, when weavers and miners in Derbyshire tried to overthrow the government

My encounter with Judge Roy Moore, the Southern fundamentalist politician

The Peterloo massacre marked a turning point in our democracy

And finally, an unashamedly favourite article about a great English cricketer. This produced the most astonishing postbag – it prompted two readers to make a pilgrimage to deepest Sussex to renovate the grave and inspired a new biography of Maurice Tate by BBC reporter Justin Parkinson (“Then came massacre” Pitch Publishing 2013)


I'm surpised at how many I have written in the recent past: academics, politicians, clerics, those in the media and the public eye

Penry Williams, May 2013
My tutor and historian of Tudor England

Lord 'Paddy' Asdonn Dec 2018
Sir Richard Body, Mar 2018
Sir Gerald Kaufman, Feb 2017
Lord Cecil Parkinson, Jan 2016
Charles Kennedy, June 2015
Sir Nicholas Winton, Jul 2015

Walter Schwarz, Sep 2018
Slyvia Peters, Jul 2016
Sir Jocelyn Stevens, Oct 2014
Lord William Rees-Mogg, Dec 2012

The Most Rev Eamonn Casey, Mar 2017
Rabbi Lionel Blue, Dec 2016
Tim LaHaye, Jul 2016
Mother Angelica, Mar 2016

Peter Stringfellow, Jun 2018
Max Clifford, Dec 2017
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Feb 2017
Lord Snowden, Jan 2017