I am also still doing journalism to keep my hand in. It would be a shame not to keep writing on subjects and issues that interest me and that I covered as a working correspondent: education, Europe, politics, history, religion and royalty. And, of course, I am available for commissions...

Here are a few links to articles I have been proud of in recent times:

An obituary of Lord Snowdon, who died in January 2017

Here's an article about a favourite book - The Pickwick Papers - that I wrote for the Guardian's summer series in August 2014:

My trip to Canada and the US with Prince William and Duchess Kate in 2011:

One member of the royal family still going strong at 90: this profile of Prince Philip made the Bedside Guardian anthology the year before I edited it, in 2011:

A little spot of London history:

Bodies of Australian and British soldiers reburied in first war cemetery on western front for 80 years

And finally, an unashamedly favourite article about a great English cricketer. This produced the most astonishing postbag – it prompted two readers to make a pilgrimage to deepest Sussex to renovate the grave and inspired a new biography of Maurice Tate by BBC reporter Justin Parkinson (“Then came massacre” Pitch Publishing 2013)

That’s quite enough to be going on with. I’ll add more up-to-date stuff as time goes on - and maybe even blog and Tweet occasionally too, if the mood and inspiration take.